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Ukraine’s Cry for a Clear Path to NATO Membership

It is clear that NATO did not completely heed President Zelenskyy’s original call to provide Ukraine with a clear timeline for its path towards membership. That timeline would have served as a beacon of hope, invigorating Ukraine’s resolve to endure and prosper.

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Russia will collapse

The article argues that Russia’s collapse is imminent due to its dire financial situation, weakened military, internal ethnic tensions, and growing separatist movements, with regions on its periphery likely to demand autonomy or secede, potentially leading to the dissolution of the Russian Federation.

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China’s Russia

Predictions of the ongoing Russia-Ukraine war will lead to the disintegration of the Russian Federation, with various regions opting to leave, and highlights the potential for China to seize control of resource-rich areas such as Manchuria, which was historically part of China and currently belongs to Russia.

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Time For Maximum Support For Ukraine Now

The war in Ukraine has reached a critical point, and the consequences of inaction could be catastrophic. The United States, the U.K., NATO countries, and other allies must step up their support for Ukraine to help push the Russians out of the Donbas and Crimea. It is do or die.

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Address by the President of the Russian Federationl

Op-ed: Turn Putin Inward

Seeking to merely “contain” Putin is not enough. We have been outplayed, outsmarted and outmaneuvered in Europe, the Middle East, Venezuela, Africa and the Arctic. And simply repeating the pattern of reacting, deterring, responding, defending will not work.

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Poland’s Pegasus Problem

Pegasus is an advanced software developed and licensed by the Israeli NSO Group, that has gained notoriety for effectively crippling the democratic processes in Poland and worldwide.

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Why Did Kazakhs Revolt?

This is a historical examination that will help shed light on what led to the recent violent protests by Kazakhs against their own government.

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While the West Ponders

This article discusses the danger posed by Russian troops collecting on the Ukrainian border and the menace of Russian invasions
together with the demands put forward by Putin to Biden and NATO and how the West should respond to those demands.

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The History Behind The Formation Of The New Centre For Eastern European Democracy

The Center for Eastern European Democracy (CEED) was recently formed as a nonprofit in Toronto to promote liberal democracy in Eastern Europe.
The formation of CEED follows the path of earlier efforts in the West to help advance the cause of the rule of law and human rights in
the former Soviet Union and in the countries of Eastern Europe. Those efforts involved decades of hard work helping dissidents and
informing the public about what was happening in that part of the world. The role of CEED today will be similar in nature.

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